Showing love to the women in the strip club today by bringing them encouragement bags and roses. I gave them each a Cinderella mirror encouraging them with the words that no matter your past or where you come from, you can rise up and be a beautiful, strong, inspiring queen!👑 I wrote on the mirror “beautiful, capable, ENOUGH, worth it” so that when they look in the mirror they are reminded of the greatness that’s inside of them. I included “The rose with thorns” story; a moving story that reminds us of the power of showing love to others and that you CAN rise and overcome your thorns. I included bubble bath because what girl doesn’t love that? And then of course a white rose to symbolize restoration no matter the thorns you may have.
A stripper has a heart and a soul just like you. Statistics show that 60-80% of strippers have experienced sexual abuse/sexual assault before they entered the sex industry. While there are women who choose this path, there are some women that feel like they have no other future for themselves. They believe they are worthless, incapable of being loved, and unable to have a bright future because of the abuse they have experienced, the darkness and PTSD they battle with everyday. Some women believe they will never escape this nightmare they’re in, and they are just trying to do anything they can to fill a deep void inside that consumes them. Some women believe this is where they belong because their assaulter/abuser told them they amounted to nothing. Even society has women believing that we are nothing more than sex appeal and pleasure. Some women have been told they’re now just trash. Majority of women who have been abused are told it’s their fault and are blamed for being victims of such a horrible crime and live in shame. Some women go home after long nights at the club and contemplate suicide. “Some women” are praying for someone to see past the MASKS, to lend a helping hand, to love them and to believe in them. Having people give up on them has become the norm in their life being told they’re too broken. For those “some women,” I want to be a voice and example to say YOU ARE HEARD! YOU MATTER! YOU ARE VALUED! YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU CAN HAVE A BRIGHT FUTURE! YOU HAVE WORTH AND A PURPOSE! Your life isn’t over. You can RISE above and walk in joy, peace, healing, freedom and experience REAL love! There IS hope! So I challenge you today with this. Instead of judging a girl based on her appearance, her immodesty, her lack of self worth/confidence, her poor actions with men, hard core clubbing/drinking, poor decisions on social media or even for stripping, how about you pray for her because you don’t know her story. You don’t know what pain she may be trying to cover up with every picture she posts, drink she chugs, dance she does and every male she may try to get attention from.
REACH OUT and encourage. Be a light in someone’s dark world.
Everyone is battling something. Say a prayer and show love. One soul matters. You could save a life.


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