Behind dark, fake lashes were the doors to a soul that had seen what shouldn’t be seen
A heart calloused and peeled bled the corruption of innocence hidden away like in a dark shed
Black clouds followed her everywhere she went
Bruised inside from the storms of life that always seemed to be sent
Her heart beating pain and strife
She whispered to herself, “There’s gotta be more to life.”
6 inch heels and a long red dress hit every curve just right
She looked in the mirror, put on her lipstick and a fake smile with all of her might
If only they could see past the exterior and see the interior
She was a woman just like you and me
She just wanted love don’t you see
She was a wilted flower that if watered could bloom
Needing to be pulled out of the gloom
She was more than heels and lipstick
Getting more money wasn’t the trick
Many people had seen her yet didn’t see her
She needed to be seen
But not to cause a scene
Gracing the stage
She was in a spiritual cage
Entrapped in insanity from doing the same thing over and over again
She expected that a different result would come with different men
Her knight and shining armor never arrived
She shriveled and shrunk the more she strived
She was more than heels and lipstick
Getting more money wasn’t the trick
She was a treasure that had been lost
She was a diamond bought at a cost
A man named Jesus died on the cross
Arms spread out all the way across
She needed to know that she was enough
Beauty from ashes
She was a diamond in the rough


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