To stand; a position we take but rarely realize the power behind it. It takes strength and courage to be able to pick yourself up, to be seen, and to STAND. It means taking a risk at life not knowing what your day holds for you. To wake up every morning and to STAND can sometimes become the most difficult and challenging thing for us. There will be times of pain, confusion, trials, heartbreak, and chaos, but what I have learned through it all is how to STAND.

You see, if I could just get out of bed and stand up then I could now focus on taking little baby steps forward. How many of us can relate to this in life? Sometimes we feel like we are so weak but really we hold an incredible amount of strength inside of us that we don’t realize is there! Life is filled with trials that will weigh on us, and it can make it feel like we are carrying loads on our back. I have found the most powerful position I can take in life is to STAND. I have built a resilience to rise up no matter how weak I may feel or the weight on my back. When I stand tall with my head held high knowing who I am and who’s I am, all trials, weight and anything coming against me loses all of its power! So now, I am standing as a victor and claiming it! We have the power to decide whether we will claim our lives as overcomers or victims. We cannot allow our emotions and how we are feeling to tell us who we are! We cannot allow our circumstances and pain to tell us we are defeated. We are victors, and if we are just determined to STAND then now we are in perfect position to take those steps forward toward success.

A great quote by C.S. Lewis is “Fail forward toward success.” It’s okay to fall. I highly recommend falling to your knees in prayer on a daily basis and seeking God about everything. It’s okay to make mistakes and fail. That does not make you a failure. You are only a failure if you give up. It means you are growing! Keep going and keep growing! It’s okay to have moments of complete brokenness where all you can do is lay on your bedroom floor. We’ve all been there, but don’t stay there. Don’t give up on rising back up. Its okay to fall, but stand back up stronger than you were before! Stand and fail forward toward success being the best version of YOU!

This picture above is a painting I did called “She will stand.”
“The valleys have come and embraced her with empty silence yet she stood. The winds have blown pursuing to lift up the roots her feet were planted in yet she stood. Dark clouds have covered her skies enticing to cripple her with fear and doubt yet she stood. She learned the power of standing. A position of strength and resilience. She has fallen down and with each time of picking herself back up she developed more into a warrior. She found the beauty in her brokenness. Pain has become her launching pad because she knows her pain will be used as a key to unlock someone else’s prison. Trials will continue to come her way yet she will STAND.”


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